Our commitment to minimizing the impact of our production on the environment is reflected at all levels of activity. Here are some practical examples, but the preservation of resources and environment must be assessed during every action of our daily lives.


  • rainwater collected by roof, used for treatment of the vine
  • collection of all effluent (cleaning water from sprayer, from cellar, wastewater, …), and treatment with reeds
  • Eco-design of buildings, thermal insulation
  • use of a provencal well for temperature control of the barrel cellar
  • use of an air-water heatpump for thermoregulation of tanks during winemaking
  • all lighting with low power bulbs


  • vineyard and winemaking in Organic Agriculture
  • minimum dose of treatment products of the vine, no synthetic chemical
  • treatment of the vine made with rainwater
  • cleaning of winemaking equipment with non-chlorinated products
  • treatment of wastewater with reed
  • oak barrels from FSC forests


  • lightweight glass bottle: recycled material, less raw material for the manufacture, lighter to carry, recyclable material.
  • natural cork: renewable material, cork oak forests FSC, recyclable material.
  • label: paper pulp comes from FSC forests, “Imprim’Vert” printing, recycling of label holder.
  • cardboard box: recycled cardboard (80%), reduced printed surface, “Imprim’Vert” printing, recyclable material. Inside cradle made of recycled cardboard (100%), recyclable material.
  • Small expedition by post: recycled outer carton (80%), recyclable material. Inside cradle made of expanded polystyrene, lighter to carry, recyclable material.
  • Larger expedition: unfortunately, we didn’t find yet any alternative to a truck on the road… But we’re investigating !

To help us minimize our impact on the environment, please recycle correctly different materials of our packaging.