Winery equipment

The buildings were specially designed to meet the challenge of resources savings. They are very functionnal and particulary efficient concerning water and energy consumption.

  • rainwater collected from roof, to be used for vines treatment
  • all water collected (spray cleaning, winery waste water, …), to be processed with reeds system
  • ecodesign of buildings, thermal insulation
  • natural air-conditionning of cellar, with a ground heat exchanger (canadian well)
  • air-water reversible heat pump to control vats temperature during vinification
  • all lighting with low-energy lamps

Harvest Reception
Grapes reception system has been designed to bring in the tanks a raw material of the highest quality.  Just after hand harvesting in small crates, whole berries arrive undamaged in the tanks, without any waste that may compromise the final quality.

  • belt elevator
  • destemmer with rotating cage
  • automatic sorting table with air blade (eliminates part of stems, leaves, shot berries, verjuice, rotten berries, …)
  • peristaltic pump (smooth transfer of berries to the tanks)

Vinification equipment
Vinification equipment allows a very qualitative process, extending our quality quest during this essential step.

  • pneumatic press, 8 hl
  • small stainless steel vats, regulated in temperature by heat pump. Size and number of tanks  allows separate vinification by plots or varietal (4 x 50hl, 4 x 80hl, 1 x 25hl, 1 x 10hl).
  • pumping over and wine transfers made with low rotating speed pump, for a smooth transfer of wine. The casking is made by gravity, without pump.
  • manual punching down (efficient bodybuilding session !)