The most beautiful plots in the world and the finest technical equipment would not produce much without the constantly renewed passion of women and men who love their job. The Terroir is more than a piece of land, it is the result of this alchemy between soil, plant, climate and the hand of man.

Véronique and Frédéric, happy owners and conscientious students, launched the project. On a family land inherited from our grandparents and parents, we planted the first plot and built the winery. We learn every day a little more on the vine and wine.

Michel worked with us at the beginning in 2006, and was in charge of Beyssac plot plantation.

Bernard and Corinne are now in charge of all plots. Thanks to their skills, they manage to produce every year the best grapes of the county !

Let’s not forget all those so-called casual workers, who dig, prune, attach, weed, harvest…

Regine has monitored closely the first vintages, with her knowledge of oenology, and drived us carefully during blends. Christophe takes over from vintage 2011.

Paulette and Edgar live in the house that overlooks the vineyard.